Concert Tickets



WAYS Concerts

Our concerts provide the perfect opportunity for our members to showcase their talents.

We have a number of concert dates during the year where family, friends and the general community are able to attend.

  • JWAYS End of Term Concert – 5pm Wednesday, 11th April 2018 – Lavalla Hall, Newman College Junior School (un-ticketed event)
  • WAYS Mid-Year Concert – 3pm Sunday, 29th July 2018 – Marist Auditorium Complex, Newman College (tickets go on sale 30th June 2018 at the following links:  or
  • WA Schools’ Junior Orchestra Festival – Sunday, 9th September 2018 – Churchlands Senior High School
  • WAYS End of Year Concert JWAYS/WAYS – 3pm Saturday 17 November 2018 – Marist Auditorium Complex, Newman College