Applications are now open! Please refer to the 2020 Western Australian Youth Strings Orchestra Prospectus.pdf for more information.

Members are selected through an audition process. Placement is based upon ability rather than age. The following is provided as a guide:


  • Primary school aged musicians, usually in year 3, 4 or 5;
  • Experienced in playing the violin or cello for one to two years;
  • Developing sight reading skills; and
  • Actively studying with a music teacher either at school or privately.


  • School aged musicians, usually in years 5 to 9;
  • Capable of playing the violin, viola, cello or bass to level 2 AMEB or equivalent Suzuki level (actual exam results are not a prerequisite and you can check with your music teacher for an idea of where you are up to);
  • Able to read music;
  • Able to sight read music
  • Previous experience playing in an ensemble; and
  • Actively studying with a music teacher either at school or privately.

Applications for auditions begin in October/November for the next year and are open all year although it is best to start at the beginning of a term.  Auditions take between 5 and 10 minutes. Our directors will be able to decide which orchestra best suits the student.

There is no cost associated with applications or auditions.

WAYS applicants should prepare two short pieces of their choice, and any two octave scale, showing a change in position. The audition may include some sight reading and questions on technical knowledge of the pieces played.

JWAYS Orchestra applicants should prepare two short contrasting pieces of their choice and a G or D major or A harmonic minor scale. Applicants may also be asked to sight read a basic piece of music.

This video link shows the orchestras at practice and performing: