As an independent, not for profit organisation, WAYS is reliant upon member fees, sponsorship, donations, fundraising and the contribution of time by members of the community, particularly parents.

Parents fill the roles of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee members. Other roles include organising ticketing, marketing/sponsorship, event organisation, catering, uniform management, rehearsal management and many other tasks associated with the smooth running of an orchestra group.  With the exception of fees paid to the Musical Directors, all positions are voluntary.

Fees for WAYS and JWAYS are currently set at $500/$480 annually. $250 is due upon acceptance and the balance by the end of June.

Members are also expected to procure a uniform; the uniform committee member can help with this.

Various other contributions are asked for throughout the year. They include:

  • Cost of tickets for the two concerts. Proceeds collected help to cover orchestra operating costs.  Adult ticket prices have previously been set at $20 and $10 for children.  Orchestra members are free.
  • Contributions for self catering of events.


WAYS may offer a scholarship based on excellence and/or unusual circumstances.  The offer of such scholarships may be for waiver of half or full fees for the year, at the full discretion of the committee as advised by the audition panel.  Consideration may be given to a special need within the orchestra e.g. a double bass player.

Key elements of the selection of a scholarship holder will include the following:

• Excellence in musicianship
• Leadership qualities
• Need

Should a candidate require special consideration in regards to need, then a written application outlining circumstances should be handed to the audition panel at the time of audition, or emailed to the Secretary prior. Otherwise all applicants, including existing members, will be considered, and no formal application is required.